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Boar Meat

From sausage and tenderloin to ribs, hams, shoulders, and bellies, Rucker's Meat's in Davie, Florida, sells the best boar meat for your needs.

Boar Sausage

Create the best dishes for your family with our great selection of flavorful sweet, spicy, bacon cheddar, and hot pork sausages.

Exotic Meat

Try out the most exotic meats for your next meal when you contact us to order emu, ostrich, Muscovy duck, guinea fowl, free range chicken or rabbit meat.

Serving Clients in Florida and throughout the United States

Who We Are

Treat your taste buds to the exotic meat selection offered by Rucker's Meat's in Davie, Florida. For more than five years, we've been trapping and farming animals as part of our family-owned-and-operated business. We don't just buy our meat; we raise the animals ourselves to ensure our customers only purchase the best.

Contact us in Davie, Florida, to request information about our tasty exotic meat.